Ricoh designs new solar cell capable of generating 20% higher output

Japan-based imaging and electronics company, Ricoh has reportedly announced developing a new solar cell that is capable of producing a 20% higher maximum power output than its current products.

Besides, the technology is also capable of generating electricity from room lights while also boasting the ability to be operable in extreme low temperatures. It has been speculated that the company would commence distributing the product in late May, aiming distribution warehouses and plants, amongst other customers.

According to official sources, for one of the new solar cells measuring 5cm X 8cm, the maximum power output is 276 microwatts. A microwatt accounts for one-millionth of a watt. Moreover, these cells can operate in temperatures from -30 degrees Celsius to 60 degree, both colder and hotter than traditional product’s range of zero to 50 degrees.

It would be essential to note that Ricoh foresees the new solar cell to power sensors inside low-temperature distribution warehouses and high-temperature plants. Additionally, the company’s dye-sensitized cells can now generate electricity even in slight dark places by making use of the some light available in the room or an enclosure.  

The newly developed solar cell has been based on the photoconductor technology it uses for multifunctional printers. Through this, Ricoh plans to generate electricity effectively without using liquid electrolytes. Furthermore, the new solar cell also boasts of the ability to operate for a longer time.

It has been claimed that the cell can be incorporated in transparent panels and still generate electricity. Through this, the Japanese electronics conglomerate intends to expand the use of the new product to applications other than powering sensors in the future.

For the uninitiated, Ricoh seeks to accomplish business growth and the sustainable development and advancement of the society by creating new value for its customers worldwide.

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By Priya Deshmukh

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