PUMA to host an innovative sustainable fashion conference

German clothing brand, PUMA is planning to host a ‘Conference of the People’ event that will discuss a path where the industry can come together with Gen Z to talk about sustainable fashion solutions.

According to sources, Actress, Activist, and Model Cara Delevingne will be hosting the event along with PUMA's CEO Bjørn Gulden and PUMA's CSO Anne-Laure Descours.

The company claims that this is a first-of-its-kind conference and will result in creating an environment for the brand's peers, NGOs, activists, ambassadors, experts, and consumers to come together and talk about the most pressing sustainability challenges faced by the industry while amplifying the voices of youth across the world.

The conference is scheduled to be held on the 6th of September, and the live event stream will be free for all.

Currently, the clothing brand is compiling panels that include some of the most influential voices in sustainable design.

The topics for discussion include using more sustainable materials, tackling waste, impacting climate change, and looking for solutions that will help the industry collaborate and achieve positive outcomes sooner.

Earlier in 2021, PUMA announced that it had successfully reduced carbon emissions between 2017-2021 from its operations (-88%) and its supply chain (-12%). It further seeks to make 9 of 10 products using more sustainable materials by 2025.

According to the latest ranking by Business of Fashion, which examined the 30 major fashion companies, PUMA was ranked the most sustainable brand in the industry.

Bjørn Gulden, CEO of PUMA, while providing some insights, said that the firm will be majorly focusing on Gen Z during this event, as they want to give this generation a voice considering the decisions which need to be made today in view of shaping a more sustainable future.

He further said that the United Nations calls it the Conference of the Parties, but here it is the Conference of the People.

Source Credit - https://www.circularonline.co.uk/news/puma-announces-first-of-its-kind-sustainable-fashion-conference/

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