Pfizer publicizes voluntary retirement scheme for field employees

Pfizer, a leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical firm, has announced a voluntary retirement scheme for its field workers.

As per sources, in a BSE filing, Pfizer mentioned that it will support all its eligible employees.

Pfizer stated that the eligibility criteria of the VRS proposal have been ascertained in line with the firm’s value of Equity to promise a transparent and fair experience for all the working members.

Reportedly, the company suggested that it will support all the employees via this process with dedicated career transition services and helpdesks. Pfizer added that the financial implications of the VRS will be discussed separately after acceptance of the scheme by the eligible employees.

For the record, Pfizer stated that the VRS is a part of an attempt to restructure the organization into a growth- based biopharma firm. Phase one of its plan included the launch of new products, retailer coverage, doubledits doctor base, increased stockiest base by 4 times, and facilitated expansion across 3,00,000 villages and towns.

Furthermore, the Phase two involves promoting the established business from deeper market penetration, adoption of new go-to-market models, and revamping patient-customer experience via digital disruptions.

According to sources, Pfizer believes that it is vital to re-shape a firm that allows its workers the flexibility to serve the users with agility and focus. The company seeks to upskill its present talent, acquire talent with futuristic skills, and explore meaningful collaborations.

In addition, the company stated that it is incorporating new roles like subject matter experts in health solutions, specialists for the in-house studio team, strategic accounts, market access, medical, and invigorating talent.

In the filing, Pfizer claimed that its customer-centric employees and relationships, either maintained in-person, virtually, or hybrid, will keep on playing an important role as they advance into new ways of working.

The company also expressed that it would continue to develop appropriate go-to-market infrastructure for each therapy area and business in the upcoming months.

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