PentaFour acquires the assets and business of Winterhawk Consulting

PentaFour Solutions, a “Tech 360 for the Enterprises” company, has recently announced that it is acquiring the assets and business of Winterhawk Consulting (WHC), a previous arm of Pathlock.

Due to rising demand from its its customers, portfolio company, the PCB Apps, PentaFour decided to expand its ERP and Cloud portfolio to include other hyper-scale important services, like GRC.

The acquisition of WHC will offer deep proficiency in GRC products, including SAP GRC and Pathlock. The product suite of Pathlock constantly monitors and identifies high-risk access and transactions across 140+ business applications.

Nag Karaka, CEO of PentaFour, said that acquiring WHC will provide the firm with the resources to hasten its multi-ERP and GRC strategy. The firm is already engaged with several businesses in the US and places where businesses want their help to migrate and operate their GRC systems in the Cloud.

This deal further amplifies PentaFour’s engineering and service delivery teams while also competing with the biggest systems integrators in the GRC, ERP, Audit and Cyber Security Managed Services market.

Recently, PentaFour achieved a Platinum competency, showcasing a top-class ability and devotion to meet the rising needs of Pathlock’s customers in today’s Cloud-first world and differentiating itself within Pathlock’s partner ecosystem.

While WHC is one of the topmost providers of GRC Implementation and Managed Services. It possesses deep expertise being the Pathlock’s trusted Platinum partner for implementation, heading several Pathlock implementations and upgrades at premeditated customer sites.

WHC’s CEO, Charles Braswell said that their firm has experience in assisting many global companies in enlarging and maturing their GRC capabilities.

WHC brings a well-known and experienced US employee base and an exceedingly skilled delivery team to the Philippines. The firm has done extraordinary work over the past decade and is keen on this opportunity as it helps to accelerate development under the PentaFour umbrella.

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By Tete Heigrujam

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