NXP, Jio Platforms join forces to enable new 5G use cases in India

NXP Semiconductors, a Dutch semiconductor manufacturer and RILs Jio Platforms Ltd. (JPL) have announced a partnership to develop 5G NR O-RAN small cells using NXPs Layerscape multicore processors family.

The integrated solution will enable a wide range of 5G use cases for internet access as well as Industry 4.0 & IoT applications, such as telemedicine, augmented/virtual reality, tele-education, drone-based agricultural monitoring, and more.

Aayush Bhatnagar, senior VP of Jio Platforms, said, "Jio has a legacy of collaboration with NXP, and is looking forward to extending it even further. The NXP processor platform is a vital component in Jio’s 5G journey, said Mr. Aayush, adding that with NXP, their firm has developed cutting-edge radio products that comply to the 3GPP as well as O-RAN standards.

Jio Platforms Ltd. (JPL) is a market-leading company that provides revolutionary 4G and 5G technologies and is the holding company for Jio, India's largest mobile network provider and the third-largest in the world. To serve its enormous client base, the company continually employs advanced technology solutions, and is quickly addressing India's 5G opportunities.

Jio's 5G New Radio solutions require platform agility, efficiency, and substantial tooling, all of which are offered by NXP. While Layerscape® multicore processors from NXP offer high levels of integration and deliver strong performance using the combination of Arm 64-bit cores, networking, and security offload engines with varied high-speed SerDes interfaces to enable high levels of integration and performance.

The overall system can offer efficient, and scalable performance using software programmable implementation. 

According to NXP Semiconductors’ senior vice president and general manager, Tareq Bustami, their alliance with Jio to test, develop, and deploy 5G solutions emphasizes the power of Layerscape products and the widening ability of NXP's antenna-to-processor portfolio to expedite new 5G deployments.

Source Credit - https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/06/29/2254413/0/en/NXP-and-Jio-Platforms-Collaborate-to-Enable-Expanded-5G-Use-Cases-in-India.html


By Priya Deshmukh

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