Halo Technology Group takes over transceiver provider Skylane Optics

Halo Technology Group, one of the largest fiber optic transceivers manufacturers, has reportedly announced the acquisition of Skylane Optics, known for furnishing critical video, voice, and data networks for data center, enterprise, telecommunications providers, and service providers at the global level.

The takeover will provide Halo Technology with enhanced technical expertise and improved operational power. Moreover, new product additions comprising the CFP-DCO coherent product offerings furnished by Skylane will enhance Halo’s capability of meeting increasing customer requirements of fiber maximization and network flexibility.

According to Halo CEO, Matt McCormick, the company is incredibly thrilled about the addition of Skylane’s extremely talented team and its cutting edge product offering to its group. Further, the CEO stated that Halo is dedicated towards growing the business at Skylane, continuing to suffice the demands of its diverse and sophisticated clientele base.

Through the added capabilities and strength derived from the company’s platform, Halo expects Skylane to flourish as part of its group, added McCormick.

This acquisition will provide Halo with the additional benefit of enhanced production capacity, manufacturing, and automation efficiencies in collaboration with Skylane’s patented Anaconda production system.

As expressed by Chairman of Halo Technology Board of Directors, Al Aguirre, with its expertise for meeting the requirements of any network architecture needs, whether hyperscale data center, enterprise, or multinational telco, the company has emerged as the global market leader in the field of compatible optics.

The Skylane transaction is set to improve the capabilities of Halo Technology, in turn proving the value of the platform as a growth vehicle at the global level, added Aguirre.

Based in California, Halo Group is the largest independent provider of optoelectronics at the global level. The company is renowned for its development and marketing of mission critical optical networking solutions that comprise EDFAs, optical transceivers, high-speed optical cabling, multiplexes, and ROADMs along with other supporting optical connectivity products.

Source Credit: https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/halo-technology-group-acquires-skylane-optics-877339756.html  

By Priya Deshmukh

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