Cruise, GM join forces with Microsoft to commercialize self-driving vehicles

Microsoft would unite with Honda, GM, and other institutional investors in a combined new equity investment of more than USD 2 billion in Cruise

Microsoft has recently made it to the headlines following its recent collaboration with Cruise and General Motors to accelerate the commercialization of self-driving vehicles. As per credible reports, the leading software giant has entered into a long-term strategic alliance with companies to bring together their hardware and software engineering excellence, manufacturing skills, and cloud computing capabilities to revolutionize transportation to build a cleaner, safer, and more accessible world for people worldwide.

It has been reported that to unlock the potential of cloud computing for autonomous vehicles, Cruise would potentially make use of Azure- a Microsoft cloud and edge computing platform, to commercialize its brilliant autonomous vehicle solutions at scale.

Microsoft is also likely to tap into Cruise’s deep industry proficiency to augment its consumer-driven product innovation and serve the transportation firms across the globe via constant investment in Azure.

Additionally, General Motors would work closely with Microsoft to escalate its digitization initiatives including storage, collaboration, machine learning, and artificial intelligence capabilities. Besides, the company would explore the opportunities with Microsoft to streamline its operations across various digital supply chains and bring in new mobility services to customers faster.

Speaking on this novel initiative, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, stated that as GM and Cruise’s preferred cloud entity, the firm would apply power of Azure to support the companies scale up and make autonomous transportation mainstream.

While on the other hand, Cruise’s CEO, Dan Ammann quoted that Microsoft would act as a force multiplier for the company that currently looks forward to accomplishing a mission of introducing better, and more affordable transportation to every individual worldwide, while also helping it commercializing its fleet of all-electric, self-driving, and share vehicles.

Mary Barra, CEO and Chairman at General Motors, in a statement cited that the software giant would potentially help GM realize more benefits from cloud computing as it plans on introducing 30 new EVs globally by the end of 2025 and creating new services and businesses to drive growth.

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