Blacksmith announces launch of a new 75mph electric scooter- B4

With rising concerns regarding toxic VOC emissions from automobiles, companies have been going nine yards for production and commercialization of novel electric vehicles, in turn complementing the thriving EV industry.

In one such instance, Blacksmith Electric, an India-based electric motorbike startup firm, had recently announced adding a new electric scooter model, called B4, to its current product line of electric scooters and motorcycles.

The EV firm is largely known for its previous models- B3 and B2, a stunning electric cruiser motorcycle- which was anticipated to be released in 2020 but got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a matter of fact, the pandemic derailed the short as well as mid-term strategic planning for the company, pushing back its product releases. However, the company is set to roll out its vehicle in 2021 and are ready to take pre-orders on the new B4 model and its delivery version, the B4+.

As per official sources, the new B4 model integrates a neo-retro design and is fueled by a 5-kW electric motor. Moreover, the electric scooter boasts of the ability to attain a top speed of 120 km/h or 75 mph, although can be limited to as low as 37 mph.

This apart, the new model is designed in such a manner that it would be able to carry up to two riders and have a maximum load capacity of 440lb or 200 kg. In line with this, the company is bringing in the good news for people who have been looking to substitute a second rider with cargo, by initiating the launch of its new B4+ electric scooter variant, which lets the rider add a large cargo box to the rear of the vehicle.

Although the price of B4 has not been released yet, its B2 electric motorcycles are projected to foray into the market with a price range between USD 4,000 to USD 5,000, which anticipates that the price valuation of the B4 model would fall below the mentioned range.

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By Priya Deshmukh

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