Rafael introduces AI & automatic target recognition for IDF troops

  • The new system would allow all troops in the battlefield to view the same image offered by the lenses of an IDF infantry soldier or a sensor embedded on a fighter jet.
  • The company is also looking forward to developing a system that can be embedded on drones and ground vehicles to carry out ground-based missions.

The global military and defense industry has been undergoing plethora of technological breakthroughs over a while now. This accomplishment has enabled various companies to delve into the possibilities developing cutting edge technologies that would come out as a beneficial tool for military troops worldwide.

In one such instance, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems recently announced launch of a technological innovation for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in an attempt to enhance the ability to engage enemy targets via Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) and AI.

The ATR system, which is a combination of deep learning and AI, was installed on Rafael’s SPICE-250 precision-guided smart bombs last year, enabling them to track the movement of targets and distinguish between them and other objects and terrain.

Meanwhile, the new launch is expected to offer ATR to individual militaries, proposing new viewpoint for the IDF that blends various capabilities to create a multidimensional battlefield.

As per official reports, the new system would enable all participating parties to view the same image, provided by the display on a fighter jet or through the glasses of an infantry soldier. This system would mark and indicate targets and establish a common language for all its users.

In addition to this, Rafael is looking forward to developing a system that can be potentially installed on ground vehicles and drones to carry out ground-based intelligence missions, while also being in use for indoor operations.

These devices would be capable of mapping the inside of a house in real time while being able to identify the people inside, as well as recognizing the objects within the interiors, including classifying the types of weapons in the home.

Source Credit: https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/rafael-unveils-ai-deep-learning-tech-for-idf-infantry-troops-653389

By Priya Deshmukh

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