Infosys, Daimler unite for a tech-driven IT infrastructure transformation

Through the partnership, Daimler AG is looking forward to transforming its IT operating model and infrastructure landscape across data centers, workplace services, networks, and SAP Basis.

In a recent turn of events, leading IT services firm- Infosys has recently announced establishing a potential strategic partnership with Daimler AG for carrying out IT infrastructure transformation. It has been reported that post all regulatory approvals, Daimler will look towards advancing its IT operating model and infrastructure landscape across various applications including service desk, networks, SAP Basis, and workplace services in unison with Infosys.

Moreover, the company would work towards a model that ensures a superior IT infrastructure across its regions and plants, while supporting the consolidation of its data centers, introducing innovations, and revamping its IT operations. 

As per credible reports, the partnership would enable Infosys to expand its focus on software engineering and also to establish a fully scalable on-demand digital IT infrastructure and anywhere-anytime workplace. Besides, the unison would empower Daimler to bolster its IT capabilities, while strengthening Infosys’s automotive expertise.

Commenting on the collaboration, CEO of Infosys- Salil Parekh- reportedly cited that the company is delighted to have partnered with Daimler while supporting its automotive vision. He added that through this collaboration, the company expects to bring together ecosystems, capabilities, and hybrid cloud infrastructure in an attempt to shape new experience for Daimler and the industry to a greater extent.

Infosys boasts of an extensive expertise in supporting its clients worldwide to navigate their digital journeys and create new standard for the automotive industry, he said.

Sources speculate that this partnership would enable automotive IT infrastructure experts make a shift from Daimler AG to Infosys. This paradigm transfer would also enable Infosys to strengthen and grow its automotive business, while providing Daimler employees strong prospects for long-term career development and growth.

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By Priya Deshmukh

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