ZF announces launch of OS platform ‘Middleware’ before CES 2021

The platform, ZF Middleware, would be made available in series vehicles from 2024 onwards

In a recent preview to Consumer Electronics Show 2021, ZF Friedrichshafen AG or ZF Group had rolled out its advanced OS platform- Middleware which is likely to serve as a moderator between a vehicle’s computer OS and its software application.

Speculations have it that the platform would be available in all series vehicles from 2024. In fact, reports suggest that its development is somewhat related to the development of application software for mobility domains like integrated safety, electric mobility, vehicle motion control, and automated driving.

The newly launched ZF Middleware boasts of intrinsic functions such as abstraction of computing hardware from software applications and interaction between these applications. These functions enable the platform to reduce the interfaces, combat complexities of system integration for the OEM, while simultaneously ensuring fast communication with all parts of the system.

Speaking on the novel move, Senior VP, Research and Development, Innovation and Technology at ZF, Dirk Walliser cited that the new ZF Middleware supports the company’s aim to emerge as one of the world’s leading system suppliers for the software-defined car of the future.

He added that customers can gain immense benefits from accelerated development processes and reduced complexity by integrating software and hardware, paving way for the company to come up with such launches.

Reportedly, ZF is also gaining massive traction following the claims of establishment of a Global Software Center by 2020 end, which is foreseen to be led by Nico Hartmann, VP, Software Solutions and Global Software Center.

This is anticipated to allow the company to standardize and coordinate new technologies, trends, procedures, methods, tools, and functions to make the resulting software available to almost all the division of ZF on a common development platform.

According to credible reports, ZF provides a modular approach with its Middleware from a full platform solution to single modules that can be merged into the OEM’s software platform. Besides, the company has also announced developing a ProAI supercomputing platform for the next-gen vehicles which makes it worthy of offering systems comprising of computing, software, connected actuators, and sensor hardware.

Source Credit: https://auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/auto-technology/zf-unveils-open-software-platform-middleware-ahead-of-ces-2021/79838109

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