Lemongrass unveils new disaster recovery service for SAP applications

The new service is said to combine AWS CloudEndure with the company’s own IT assessment and implementation skill and experience with SAP software.

Lemongrass Consulting, a pioneer in incorporating, operating, and automating SAP Business Suite and SAP Business One on AWS cloud, has announced launching a new cloud-based disaster recovery service for its clients operating SAP applications.

It has been reported that the new service would combine AWS CloudEndure with the service provider’s IT assessment and implementation know-how and experience with the SAP software. For the record, AWS had in 2019, took hold of CloudEndure- an Isreal-based disaster recovery and application and data migration platform.

This novel service takes the processes, software, and capabilities Lemongrass earlier offered and formalizes them into repeatable framework built around CloudEndure while also leveraging the company’s proficiency with the SAP architecture.

Commenting on the strategic launch, Lemongrass Senior VP of Solution Architecture, Jake Echanove- cited that SAP is currently emerging as an essential service in the cloud and people have been shifting their SAP workloads to the cloud.

This massive momentum has indeed enabled the company to automate and drive down the complexity of the businesses continuity globally. He added that by making use of the CloudEndure technology, Lemongrass can well automate backup and replication services while also looking forward to delivering a faster return-to-operation time.

As per company officials, a rising number of SAP consumers are opting to run their SAP application in the cloud and are thus making use of Lemongrass’ professional services encompassing assessment of a client’s IT environment and needs, system implementation, and project plan development.

However, some clients have laid focus on continuing operating their core SAP applications within their own data centers and the new service can help them back up their data and system configuration to AWS.

By Priya Deshmukh

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