New research reveals extraordinary heating in Barents areas of Arctic

As per a recent study published on Exceptional Warming over the Barents Area, the SAT (surface area temperature) data has warned about extraordinary warming over the northern Barents area.

Scientists are currently studying warming recorded over the last 20-40 years based on new accessible SAT observations and a quality-controlled all-inclusive SAT dataset gathered from the northern archipelagos in the Barents Sea.

Based on this, experts have noted a substantially record-high warming annually of up to 2.7°C per decade, with a highest of 4.0 °C per decade in autumn. According to researchers, heating in this region is an early sign of what could happen next in the whole Arctic.

According to a credible source, Prof Michael Mann, Pennsylvania State University, US, says that the loss of sea ice and warming in the Barents Sea, especially have been secluded in former work being especially related to the changes in wintertime atmospheric circulation which are connected to life-threatening winter weather events.

Also, if this mechanism is effective, and there’s some debate over that, then this is another way climate change could be influencing several types of extreme weather events, which is not apprehended well in the current models.

The variations in SAT and sea ice are said to be the key drivers of the current ecological transformation of the Arctic1 and have developed as the top signs of global warming.

Furthermore, for more than four decades, the extent of the Arctic Sea has declined and that too continuously, with the largest trends demonstrated in September and the smallest one showcased in March.

As per reports, the September trend between 1979 and 2021 was 13.4% per decade, and the March trend pointed out during the same period was 2.6% per decade.

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By Tete Heigrujam

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