Microsoft to incorporate Teams within Meta’s Workplace platform

Microsoft and Meta have recently collaborated on integrating the popular Teams platform within the latter’s Facebook-like Workplace app.

The Workplace platform offered by Meta, formerly named Facebook, will be integrated with Microsoft Teams that will offer features like livestream video to Workplace groups.

The integration will enable employees to use Teams or Workplace to access and conduct various activities on these platforms.

With the help of such integration, viewing meetings, commenting and reacting will be facilitated in real time to employees using Teams or Workplace without the need to switch between apps.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also amalgamating Workplace with Teams, allowing Teams users with access to Workplace content simply with the help of an app within Teams.

Users will have the choice to pin the installed app to the Teams navigation bar comprising of a homepage displaying Workplace content. Additionally, Microsoft Teams admins will be able to market content as important, highlighting in the Workplace app.

Collaboration of Microsoft and Meta integrating Teams into Workplace is the latest efforts of the two companies which have witnessed a broader partnership.

Workplace proposes effective integration within Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, OneDrive, and SharePoint. Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory adds to the list of platforms integrated with Meta’s Workplace.

Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory integrated with Workplace in no time emerged to be among the top 10 apps designed for the service.

As for Teams, the platform will be available on the Meta Portal or Facebook Portal device in December, ensuring the availability of video calling feature for Teams users.

This latest amalgamation of Teams and Workplace went live for the first time on November 10th, enabling businesses to share Workplace content to Teams.

Meta and Microsoft’s next step facilitating livestreaming of Teams meeting to Workplace users will be provided in the early 2022.  

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By Priya Deshmukh

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