Michelin, Arity to work together for improving road safety in the US

Road safety has always been a major concern for people and auto companies in and around the world. Abiding to this, Michelin, a prominent mobility company, has recently announced collaborating with Arity for developing data-powered solutions for transportation departments and cities to enhance the road safety protocols across the United States.

Blending the exceptional data science skills of MICHELIN Driving Data to Intelligence and Arity’s database of driving behavior information accumulated from nearly 100 million consumer connections, the partnership is expected to leverage data for enhanced safer mobility to transform the face of road management of the country.

Reports suggest that Michelin would analyze billion of datapoints to segregate near-miss events and atypical behaviors triggered by the road infrastructure. The resulting insights will then facilitate infrastructure optimization and decision-making for department of transportation on municipal, city, and state level to bring out necessary developments for safer mobility.

Moreover, it would also allow these departments to prioritize projects as part of their infrastructure programs to ensure improved and safe movement.

It has been reported that the recent partnership is in line with Michelin’s tactic of making use of data science for providing actionable insights and bringing up customized solutions to its clients. It also illustrates the ambition of Micheline to propose a holistic offering that goes beyond the tire business.

While speaking on the alliance, VP of Michelin Services and Solutions, Ralph Dimenna quoted that the company is set to capitalize on its 130 years of understanding the driver, and apply algorithms developed with strategic European road management partners.

Ralph also mentioned that the data science approach created on Arity’s data stands out to be a key for developing solutions that add to safer and efficient mobility.

On the other hand, Gary Hallgren, President of Arity cited that the firm shares Michelin’s passion for saving maximum lives on the roads and between the uniqueness and richness of its data and latter’s proficiency, Arity would continue to make transportation safer, smarter, and more useful in the years to come.

Source Credit: https://www.michelin.com/en/press-releases/michelin-partners-with-arity-to-make-u-s-roads-safer/

By Priya Deshmukh

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