LG introduces its latest 2021 TONE Free FP8 and FP9 earbuds

LG Electronics has reportedly launched its 2021 LG TONE Free FP8 and FP9 earbuds with features like 3D Sound Stage, innovative sound-tuned Meridian, Whispering Mode, and more. The new LG TONE Free-range comes with an Arc Design, has a 4.4-millimeter shorter stem than prior models and is IPX4 rated. The improved drivers and silicone edging on the diaphragms allow for increased flexibility and mobility.

Some of the features of the 2021 LG TONE Free FP8 and FP9 earbuds include:

3D Sound Stage - It uses spatial up-mixing to widen the sound stage, giving users more lifelike audio for a more engaging listening experience.

Whispering Mode: This mode allows users to hold the right earbud near their mouths as a dedicated microphone, allowing for enhanced call privacy and clarity.

Active noise cancellation: It cancels out low-frequency noises.

The 2021 LG TONE Free FP8 and FP9 are compatible with a broad series of devices, including laptops and Windows PCs, and the FP9 with Plug & Wireless feature permits the charging case to double as a wireless dongle. The earbuds come with UVnano, an auto-cleaning charging case, to keep the ear tips clean.

As per the company, the UV-C LED installed into the casings has been tested to eliminate bacteria on the earbuds' speaker mesh by 99.9% when charging wired or wirelessly in just five minutes.

When used with a charging case, the earbuds offer playback time of up to 10 hours between charges, for a total of 24 hours of use. Furthermore, a five-minute charge in the case amounts to one hour of listening time.

The new 2021 LG TONE Free FP8 and FP9 earbuds will be available in various colors including Pearl White, Charcoal Black, and Haze Gold.

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