Johnson Controls introduces cloud-led data hosting technology- SafeLINC

Johnson Controls, a leader in smart and sustainable buildings solutions, has reportedly introduced SafeLINC- a cloud-led data hosting solution that provides users the power to gain remote access and obtain data from their entire line of fire alarm control technology.  

According to an official statement by the company, the novel technology offers users a cloud-connected gateway and a cloud application platform that provides access through web browsers and Android and iOS mobile applications.

With the help of these components, technicians and facility managers can utilize real-time life-saving infrastructure for effective emergency response, maintenance planning, and effective emergency response.

For the record, SafeLINC gateway devices by Johnson can be easily installed into the Simplex 4100ES, 4010ES, and 4007ES fire alarm control systems by adding a card. Once connected to the internet through a cellular or LAN connection, the gateway sends data from control units into the Fire Detection Cloud solution of Johnson Controls.

As a part of Johnson Controls’ OpenBlue portfolio of connected technologies, SafeLINC supports the goal of healthy people and a healthy planet.

According to Tony Gryscavage, Director of Project Management at Johnson Controls, the SafeLINC technology allows monitoring of all the fire alarm control units together, extending an enhanced ability to coordinate responses.   

Mr. Tony added that the SafeLINC web UI connects users to the cloud platform where they can access and gain information from various control units that are connected to their account. Facility managers may use the interface to view the control unit status, manage user accounts, access reports, communicate with mobile application users, and connect with technical support.

Speaking about various offerings of SafeLINC, Mr. Tony added that apart from its role in emergency situations, the technology helps in the maintenance of operations. It will allow the user to plan maintenance tasks reliably and gain direction from engineers who can diagnose issues and advice on-site technicians.

It is worth noting that SafeLINC runs on the Microsoft Azure platform, monitored by Johnson Controls Global Infrastructure Group, and has also cleared Johnson’s cybersecurity testing.

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By Priya Deshmukh

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