interviewIA raises $2Mn in seed round to develop HR Tech Products

Prominent technology platform interviewIA that manages job interview workflow to offer equitable and efficient hiring has reportedly raised $2 Million in seed funding round led by The Colorado Impact Fund. The funding round also had participation from FirstMile Ventures, Outbound Capital, Rockies Venture Club, Dasein Capital, Service Provider Capital and Stout Street Capital.

According to the credible sources, this move is geared towards making investment in strategic hires and product development.

From the last year, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, economic uncertainty and systemic inequalities seemed to have permanently changed the way companies hire and work. For mid-market and enterprise organizations that are welcoming the changing future of interviewing and hiring, interviewIA apparently offers a vital platform.

Speaking on the initiative, Co-Managing Partner of the Colorado Impact Fund, Ryan Kirkpatrick stated that the company is excited to collaborate with interviewIA to help scale the latter’s unique technology platform. As hiring is increasing with recovery from the pandemic and considering the call to action on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion following the social movements in past summer, the company believes that it is important to make the interview process more structured, efficient and unbiased, Kirkpatrick added. 

Meanwhile, CEO of interviewIA, Joe Thurman stated that the company’s technology helps companies apply innovative approaches to hiring. It is using workflow management to alter the way teams are built and develop a more inclusive future of work. Thurman further stated that there is no better time for technology, such as interviewIA than post-pandemic period and amid growing inclination for social change across the globe.

For the records, interviewIA helps interviewers provide a consistent, non-biased experience which is driven by real-time and structured analytics to hire a qualified and diverse workforce. The company’s founding team established and verified this exceptional methodology while working rigorously over the past several years on innovative talent strategies.

Three years ago, the team had reportedly developed the first version of this interview platform and started iterating on the value that it could create for the market.

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By Priya Deshmukh

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