Infinitum Electric to launch Ultra High-Efficiency Motors in Canada

Infinitum Electric, a Texas-based motor technology company, has recently unveiled a new product line built especially for supporting pump, HVAC, and general-purpose applications in Canada.

The newfangled product line is a unit of the firm’s IEs Series motors and will be offered in the 575V, 5-15 horsepower range in 2H 2022.

With this addition, Infinitum Electric will be able to deliver the most wide-range power and frame sizes for the North American HVAC market.

Importantly, the IEs Series is around 10% more efficient and offers IoT capabilities in a package that is 50% lighter and smaller, and significantly quieter than outdated motors.

Till today, HVAC applications in Canada that need 575V power have been largely dependent on suboptimal motor configuration owing to a lack of focus on the explicit needs of the regional market.

That being said, HVAC applications are either using an EC motor and transformer to convert power, which is increasing costs and reducing overall efficiency, or a predictable, lower-competent AC induction motor and VFD.

Larry Hopkins, Chief Technology Officer, XNRGY, said that having a motor designed especially for Canada significantly streamlines the firm's engineering process and will eventually help in delivering better products.

In addition, the integrated motor and VFD of Infinitum Electric offer them breakthrough levels of efficiency that customers require. In contrast, its lightweight and smaller size offer new opportunities for the development team.

Ivan Campos, Research Analyst, Omdia, said that the advancements of Infinitum Electric in motor effectiveness could spur innovation and decrease the demand for energy in Canadian pump and HVAC applications.

As lapses in supply chain continue, the simple motor design, PCB stator tech and materials offered by Infinitum Electric make it easier to attain, produce, and fabricate motors close to the target market, consequently cutting lead times.

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By Priya Deshmukh

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