Hyundai Mobis, Meridian partner to offer high sound quality to vehicles

South Korean automaker, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Corp., Hyundai Mobis has reportedly announced collaborating with British audio pioneer- Meridian Audio, to provide premium quality sound to the global automaker.

Reports have it that Hyundai Mobis along with Meridian have co-developed robust quality sound systems, designed specifically for global automotive brands Kia K8, which is ready to be launched by the next quarter.

Through this agreement, the South Korean automaker is looking to add premium branded sound to its automotive audio portfolio while also responding to the diverse needs of customers across the globe. Moreover, starting with Kia’s new innovative and modern sedan, K8, the company will arrange for supplying premium sound systems to various international clients.

As per credible reports, the partnership with Meridian will allow Hyundai Mobis to take in-car audio to an all new level, developing customized audio systems that offer drivers and passengers with immersive listening and audio experiences.

In fact, according to close sources, the alliance between Mobis and Meridian is anticipated to deliver a sound that is three-dimension, natural and remarkably easy to listen to with almost negligible listener fatigue.

Speaking of the latest accomplishment, Vice President, Won-woo Lee, Global Sales Strategy at Hyundai Mobis, quoted that the company is glad to join forces with Meridian to built on pioneering the premium audio market. He added that with the classic infotainment technology of Mobis, the firm expects to move ahead into the global auto market.

For the record, Hyundai Kia K8 stands to be the first vehicle in the Kia range to feature Meridian, allowing customers to rejoice natural, authentic and lifelike audio on the move. The automobile is said to have been embedded with a 14-speaker audio system which includes the world’s first application of NATEC natural wood speakers designed by Hyundai Mobis.

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By Priya Deshmukh

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