Hyundai Mobis’ Brainwave tech to reduce drowsy driving by 30%

Hyundai Mobis, along with the Gyeonggi Research Institute, has recently announced the results of an analysis on the practical effects of ‘M.Brain’, a driver monitoring system that uses brain waves and has used on Gyeonggi-do buses as a trial project for the last year.

According to the results of the trial application, it was notified that drivers who put on M.Brain displayed concentration levels higher and were less exposed to being inattentive during driving.

Basically how it works is M.Brain grasps the driver's condition in real time by monitoring the brain waves near the ears via a pair of earsets worn by the user. When a driver turns out to be distracted, the M.Brain uses sounds, visuals and haptic alerts for helping the driver to be attentive.

As per recent analysis, drivers who use M.Brain can cut down the inattentiveness by around 30%, especially after meals when the drowsiness occurs the most.

Furthermore, inattentiveness results in dangerous situations where the driver falls asleep or cannot keep their eyes on the road ahead.

M.Brain lowers inattentive driving by up to 20% on highways where absent-mindedness could lead to a major crash or a massive accident.

It was also proven that M.Brain could aid drivers to look ahead more quickly even when they look elsewhere or doze off while driving.

M.Brain identifies inattentive driving in real-time and alerts the driver via warning sounds or seat vibrations. It is also revealed that using M.Brain can help restore attention in a minimum of 2.3 seconds. This is around three times faster than the time, around 6.7 seconds, in normal situations without M.Brain.

Furthermore, the technology is also estimated to be useful in response to emergencies by alarming driver to drive at a safe distance from other cars.

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By Tete Heigrujam

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