Germany to reinstate Work from Home amidst surge in Covid-19 cases

Germany is working on the re-introduction of work from home policy under a new draft legislation. The move comes forth as the country witnesses a gigantic surge in the number of coronavirus cases.

While Germany struggles to tackle with the soaring cases of infections, the country’s plans to reimplement the rule that was initially lifted in the early July presents hope.

Reports state that the number of deaths and infections have seen a steep rise since mid-October, in an outbreak during which Germany was criticized for its relatively lower vaccination rate just above 67%.

It highlighted that large share of people were still at high exposure risk and more vulnerable to infection and severe disease.

With 289 cases per 100,000 people, a new record high of coronavirus cases has been achieved by the most populous country in Europe, as per Robert Koch Institute (RKI) health agency.

The draft plan implies that all employers in the country will be obligated to offer work from home alternative unless a compelling business motive is presented that requires employees to come to the office.

Individuals going to the office premises will be asked to present proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test.

The German government also plans to restrict public places and events only to the vaccinated individuals or those that have recovered from coronavirus and show a negative test.

The suite of measures drafted involved integral insights of parties that are looking to form the next Germany government, the Greens, the liberal FDP, and the Social Democrats.

Bundestag, the lower house of German parliament, will determine approval for the joint legislation on Thursday following which it will be presented before the upper house on Friday.

For the same, German government and regional leaders will attend the meet virtually, discussing their views on the new system.

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