EX.CO acquires Cedato to develop advanced video tools

Cedato will help scale up EX.CO’s speed and revenues by providing predictive recommendations for video content enhanced support for TVs and header bidding for video advertisements

American company- EX.CO has reportedly announced the acquisition of Cedato- a video monetization firm established in the year 2015. Earlier known as Playbuzz, EX.Co or Experience Company offers publishers along with other customers a simplified manner to add visual and interactive elements like product recommendations and polls to their content. The entity claims that the business recorded a growth in revenue by nearly 30% between 2018 to 2020.

Tom Pachys, Co-founder and CEO, EX.CO, was reportedly quoted stating that they purchased Cedato as it offered video solutions using machine learning without affecting the page load time, which will particularly be important to the Core Web Vitals measurements offered by Google further enhancing the search rankings.

Pachys further mentioned that Cedato will help enhance Experience Company’s speed and increase revenues.

Notably, through the addition of Cedato’s technology, EX.CO will be able to provide its clients things such as predictive recommendations for video content, enhanced support for connected TVs, and header bidding for video ads.

In addition to this, the firm will continue to support Cedato’s prevailing customers along with offering them additional products. Moreover, the entire Cedato team will join EX.CO in its operations.

According to Ron Dick, Founder, and CEO of Cedato, the company has since its inception focused on developing the most advanced video tools with a simplified, customer-first approach. With EX.CO’s similar vision, the companies will offer cutting-edge technology to a wide range of global partners along with leading the way for product innovation that supports the primary needs of the market.

Citing reports, Experience Company is aiming at making more AI-based acquisitions in the near future.

Source Credit: https://techcrunch.com/2021/04/22/ex-co-acquires-cedato/

By Priya Deshmukh

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