Ekos introduces Craftlab platform to streamline business operations

North Carolina’s leading business management software for wine, beer, and cider producers, Ekos has recently announced the launch of a new website Craftlab. According to reliable reports, the website would feature educational content and best practices about the craft of creating and also informing people about the ways of operating a business, put forth by industry experts and enthusiasts.

It has been claimed that Craftlab has been created with an aim of being a go-to source for everything a beverage producer would need to know to operate their businesses more efficiently and preparing for a healthy growth.

With this launch, Ekos is bringing together industry leaders including accountants and CPAs; wine, cider, and beer producers; business owners and industry experts to mend educational content for the website. Moreover, the topics covered would include product development, inventory management, financial best practices, marketing strategies, and how to hire and retain employees.

It would be essential to note that post conversations with thousands of business owners, Ekos apparently identified a need for business management resources customized for beverage owners and producers. Also, Craftlab would not stand as a promotional site for Ekos, however, it exists to cater to the intrinsic demands of the beverage segment with best insights and practices.

Commenting on the latest accomplishment, CEO of Ekos, Josh McKinney stated that the company is working towards letting every single independent beverage business to grow and exceed equally in the upcoming years.

He further mentioned that with innumerable years of industry experience combined with the knowledge of its partners, the company created Craftlab to provide business owners the industry-specific advice and best practices that they require to prosper.

Mr. McKinney also stated that while Ekos stands to be a trusted resource for beverage production, the company believes that there is so much more to success beyond what its software offers.

Source Credit: https://wineindustryadvisor.com/2021/03/17/ekos-launches-craftlab

By Priya Deshmukh

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