E42 introduces 1st marketplace for companies to hire AI workers

E42, an AI-focused startup driving enterprise cognition across processes, has recently announced that it is creating an AI workers marketplace where companies can explore and hire AI bots for delivering basic services like receptionists, customer care executives, selling agents to more intricate ones such as IT operations manager, HR executives, analysts, lab assistants, among others.

Animesh Samuel, Co-founder and CEO of E42, during the launch, said that several studies show that by 2026 around 50% of the enterprise workforce will consist of AI workers, opening up an opportunity for industry business of $800 billion.

The objective of the E42 marketplace will be to create a platform like Monster or Naukri but only for hiring AI workers.

Around 40 odd AI workers were there already as of pre-launch. Mr. Samuel said that the firm will consist of 150 AI workers available for deployment by the end of the third quarter. He said it has become important for enterprises to become intelligent, especially for sustaining profitability every year.

Sanjeev Menon, co-founder and CTO of E42, said that today AI workers can connect various data sources and create insights into several interactions. For enterprises, this refers to business development process becoming more competent.

He further said that being a no-code NLP (natural language processing) platform, there are chances for the platform of E42 to tailor the AI workers as per the needs of the enterprise.

Already, E42 has seen more than 50% of customer interaction happening for some companies via AI. Menon said this is estimated to augment as AI adoption shifts from an aspiring aspect to an important utility for companies.

Currently, E42 caters to startups, large companies, and SMEs across industries like pharmaceutical, automobile, telecom, BFSI, and new-age unicorns.

Source Credit - https://www.telegraphindia.com/business/startup-e42-creates-marketplace-for-companies-to-hire-artificial-intelligence-workers/cid/1866400

By Tete Heigrujam

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