Data tech provider InterSystems launches new PaaS Health Connect Cloud

Health Connect Cloud guarantees reliability, stability, and delivery with superior data automation capabilities

InterSystems, a Cambridge-based innovative data technology solutions provider, has reportedly announced the launch of InterSystems HealthShare® Health Connect Cloud, a new platform based on platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model.

The company serves clients with problem solving solutions for scalability, interoperability, and speed-related barriers. It is now offering a tool to streamline interoperability as well as data integration between applications and clinical systems via PaaS.

Moreover, Health Connect Cloud will enable efficient management of the entire infrastructure and ensure delivery, stability, and reliability with advanced management and data automation capabilities, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Even though cloud technologies were historically slow in terms of adoption, more than 70% of healthcare organizations have now shifted from traditional to cloud-managed workloads.

Essentially, data storage and migration through cloud in the healthcare sector have been challenging procedures necessitating high-level of security.

One of the key factors responsible for slower adoption of cloud is the misconception associated with fickle security, whereas in fact 94% of cloud-dependent businesses showcase a relatively robust online security after migrating data.

Health Connect Cloud is allowing healthcare firms to leverage the embedded security benefits of the cloud beyond the massive scalability and availability offered. The platform also requires relatively less efforts as well as time to deploy and operate the system.

Health Connect Cloud promotes five key performance elevators:

  • Offers cloud transition assistance to smoothly and quickly connect distributed datasets for enhancing workflow efficiency across the healthcare ecosystem
  • Faster integration streamlining workload and information movement across online cloud solutions to securely deliver sensitive patient data
  • High accuracy and interoperability in managing larger volumes of data
  • Impenetrable security and privacy
  • Support for HL7 FHIR® interactions to supply resources, vital translation, and intuitive tooling for tailored transformations among health data representations

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