Contra collaborates with TikTok to add a LinkedIn touch to the app

Contra, a professional platform for freelancers, has announced partnering with TikTok to allow its users to present their portfolios and resumes through social media’s third-party integration tool, TikTok Jump.

Contra through its new integration will enable creators to add a “View My Profile” link to their TikTok videos which will make it easy for the viewers to see their work and collaborate.

As per credible reports, Contra suggests that the merger will provide more opportunities to the working professionals easily. The main aim of company is to assist the freelance workers to help them make strong connections and grab the best opportunities.

An important point to note here is that only those with prior experience in their specific field can make connections.

Reportedly, the anticipated merger will allow TikTok users to directly apply for jobs on the company’s portal. The new enlisting process will let workers to use modern and more engaging procedure to present their work, dropping the conventional resumes.

According to sources, the TikTok professionals are advised to present profiles which display their project-based identity, unlike the role-based shown on LinkedIn.

Ben Huffman, CEO of Contra stated that TikTok has become a leading platform for people to discover new roles and opportunities and take career advice. He mentioned that creators should also get a chance to present their professional work on the same platform.

For the uninitiated, Contra, in a Series A funding tranche raised $14.5 million with participation from investors like Unusual Ventures, Atelier Ventures and Cowboy Ventures. Besides, Cowboy Ventures and Unusual Ventures also helped Contra raise $30 million in Series B funding.

Moreover, the new partnership between TikTok and Contra will attract the attention of gen Z and millennials for grabbing new opportunities. TikTok Jump has also partnered with brands like Wikipedia, BuzzFeed, Quizlet to help them create their own integrations with the people.



By Priya Deshmukh

Priya started her professional journey with a career in content writing. Endowed with an MBA degree in Marketing, she believes in the power of content and its prominence in today’s fast-paced world of online marketing. Priya writes news articles for across business, technology, healthcare, and other areas of interest.