Audience Precision unveils consumer behavioral data platform Precise360

Audience Precision, an independent and highly credentialed media insights, strategy, data and technology business, has recently introduced Precise360, a platform supported by consumer behavioural data that offers a complete media strategy guidance system and enhances agency efficiency.

The global media consultancy and technology business based in Sydney has devoted the last seven years to building a set of proprietary tools and enhancing the technology platform, which includes attention scores for video, with its internal team of data scientists and technologists. 

Precise360 offers greater audience engagement and connection, quality improvement, faster campaign builds, attention scores for video, a global process, integrated metric calculators, and much more.

Haydon Bray, CEO of Audience Precision, said that the firm had built something that worldwide media agencies are not able to do anywhere in the globe.  

The firm focuses on consumer behavioral research, which offers psychographic audiences. Then it tracks the 40,000 data points on those audiences' behavior, beliefs, preferences, and marketing touchpoints, providing actionable promoting insights. 

These insights are then used for planning and buying media across any offline or digital media channel, offering greater attention and connection score, irrespective of budget.

Furthermore, Audience Precision has developed a global business which manages and develops global campaigns in 30 countries for clients, including RM Williams, Warner Music, Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits and L’Occitane. 

Simon Cahill, SVP of commercial, audience, and media at Warner Music Australia, while commenting on the move, said that the firm has been working with Audience Precision for quite a few years now and has been a part of its journey for building the highly disruptive Precise360 software platform. 

It has helped Warner Music recognize its artists' future fans and the most liked communication styles, which has empowered them to deliver a pipeline of growth.

It has also empowered the firm to pass through multitude of marketing channels and determine where it is best to establish an authentic connection with these future fans.

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By Tete Heigrujam

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