Accenture takes over Advocate Networks to expand TBM capabilities

Accenture plc, a major information technology services and consulting firm, has reportedly acquired Advocate Networks, LLC, an IT advisor and managed services provider.

Under this acquisition, Advocate Network’s team members are expected to join the Technology Strategy & Advisory operations of Accenture, bringing efficiencies and competencies that will further support in explaining, designing, and measuring value from their cloud and digital transformations.

The firm has profound technology experience and possesses a comprehensive suite of services that help businesses to align with the technology investments and business objectives and discover savings for reinvesting in initiatives that augment growth and transformation.

Keith Boone, Accenture's North America Technology Strategy & Advisory Leader, said that today's businesses expect their technology investments to drive innovation and revolutionize business operations and are adopting TBM principles gradually to enhance the expenses and deliver and demonstrate instant strategic business value.

Through this collaboration, the firm plans to offer a host of industry-leading resources and capabilities that will help clients to measure the value of technology initiatives in a vibrant, computable manner.

The full suite of Advocate's TBM service, from strategic advisory to TBM-as-a-service (TBMaaS), aligns with Accenture's digital transformation and cloud services and overall capabilities for FinOps and TBM.

Advocate also accelerates industry-leading dashboards and tools for IT value management and services that are expected to augment the insights provided by Accenture's proprietary assets, such as myDiagnostic, myConcerto, Accenture Momentum, and myNav, with added TBM analytics.

Tim Wise, co-founder and co-CEO of Advocate, said that for almost two decades, Advocate's enterprise customers have been dependent on the enthusiastic team of TBM advisors, technology specialists, and industry thought leaders to augment efficiency by discovering savings for novel investments.

The company shares the vision of Accenture Technology Strategy & Advisory to assist client architecture and attain excellent business value from technology. In addition, the firm is eager to offer its joined capabilities to existing and new customers.

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By Tete Heigrujam

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