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91-year-old Ye Lianping, who has been a teacher for 40 year, devoted his life to teaching in East China's Anhui province.

Ye learned English when he workes for the US Embassy in China, and partnered with his colleagues to establish a night class helping people learn the Englisgh language. He began his teaching career at the school in 1978.
Ye bid goodbye to his school in 1998 when he retired, but did not end his passion for teaching. He established a school for “left-behind children” whose parents had travel to find work and continues to offer free tutoring in English.
During summer breaks, Ye spent his pension organizing summer camps to help the children broaden their horizons. In 2013, he donated part of his pension to establish the Ye Lianping Scholarship with the help of local authorities. The scholarshio officially helped eight students this year who were admitted to top universities in China.
Despite his age, Ye is described as a candle that brightens students’ hope.