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13TH APRIL 2018

‘Time’s up Mr President!’

‘Kouzen Lami’ i dir nou ki ‘President Danny Faure intended to complete the current presidential mandate which was to culminate in 2020; in fact the mandate was his predecessor’s – he was handed over the presidency without contest at the ballot box….Since taking office in October 2016 President Faure has failed to put together a cohesion team capable of running the affairs of the state; juggling between political loyalists and technocrats have not helped his cause….
Danny Faure’s government cannot deliver!’ Well said ‘Kouzen Lami!’ But si ‘ma memoire est bonne’ which political party in the National Assembly denied President Faure the three Ministers from Day 1??? What is legally politically and morally wrong for a Vice-President to take over the seat of the incumbent President once vacant? – Is it not the practice in the United States of America, which country you admire as the world’s greatest democracy??? Give us a break e donn nou en lape silvouple! Malerezman i annan ki’n deside vin sourd, vin aveg e soufer avek induced dementia! Your talk about power is still fundamentally traditional and thus often dangerously antiquated.
Any road map for the future of our country will fall short if it lacks a better understanding of the ways in which power is changing and their consequences. The elevator thinking continues to prevail: the obsession with who is going up and who is coming down – which political leader is gaining power and which, or who, is losing it this comparable to the allure of the English Premier League table.
This is why in Seychelles politics today more than ever before it has become necessary to remain on the lookout for the terrible simplifiers and to deny them the influence they seek. To quote Moisés Naím a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – “Identifying who is up and who is down is less important than understanding what is going on inside these nations, political movements, corporations and religions that are on the elevator.
Who is up and who is down will matter ever less in a world in which those who get to the top don’t stay there for long and are able to do less and less with the power they have while there.” Mwa les ou ‘Kouzen Lami’ avek sanson Jean Sultan ‘Pa pous mwan tro vit’ e nwa gete si sa i ase pour konfort ou!


How to Deal with toxic people-
(2)     “Learn to set boundaries. Be clear about your limits and stick to them. When people are used to getting their way, they aren’t happy if you say no. In setting restrictions, your responsibility is to yourself. If you don’t respect your needs, others won’t. When a ‘boundary invader’ is angry with you for standing firm, use a neutral response like.
‘I’m sorry you’re feeling angry with me.’ That is different to ‘I’m sorry I made you angry.’ You didn’t make them angry. They chose to be angry. You set a limit and how they respond is up to them g”

Psychiatrist Tim Cantopher

“We the people shall rise up to the occasion in spite of all the odds! We are not down and out … don’t dare make that mistake!”


Lepep i Note, Lepep i kontinyen Note, nepli martir bann demagozi politik!


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