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10 APRIL 2017

‘Interview with Flory Larue, Proportionally Elected Member for LDS in the National Assembly’

 “A group of 20 people own the wealth of this country”

En ‘interview’ enteresan par enn nou menm ki pe navige pour rod son pozisyon anba sa soley pak. Well my lady, a student of economics pou dir ou ki sa kestyon wealth distribution i pli konplike ki ou lizye i gete. Like some economists will argue that economy is a science that studies the production of goods and services, their exchange and consumption; some economists will define the economy not as a science but as a discipline.
I enportan pour rekonnet ki the world’s wealth is terrifyingly unbalanced and as a consequence we have millions living below the poverty line. But the situation in the world is far better than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Me annou demann nou lekor en kestyon; do we as an individual own more than we owned in the 70’s when today 75% of families own their own properties with between 1.5 million to 5 million Rupees?
 Annou ankor demann nou lekor en lot kestyon, eski nou lafors travay pe prodwir ase pour ki nou pei i kapab distribye ankor plis? Nou bezwen fer ankor plis konman en pei dan redistribisyon larises nasyonal akoz pour ki nou viv dan lape ek stabilite, nou tou nou bezwen santi ki nou annan par ladan!
Finalman eski ou krwar my lady, ki sa 13 mwan saler ti en zefor pour distribye ankor enpe plis larises pei ? Mazinen sak pti zes i konte ; sak pti gout i kapab fer en diferans !!!


“Foreigners are taking our jobs” complain Seychellois 

‘Zanmi pros mon bann zanmi’ i dir nou ki ‘Seychellois feel that Government is not doing enough to control the number of expatriate workers in the country….Whilst it is true that some sectors such as construction, the tuna canning industry and tourism are desperately in need of expatriates to make up the numbers, in other sectors the existence of so many foreign workers are questionable.
Companies owned by foreigners are purposefully manipulating events so that they can hire cheap foreign labour.’ How sad ‘zanmi pros mon bann zanmi!!! Sa bann deklarasyon pa ede pour ki nou leve e al rod en travay e pran nou responsabilite konman en sitwayen. Tou sa ki oule travay i kapab ganny en travay dan nou pei. Napa leskiz.
Annou arete avek sa ‘cheap politics’ e annou aret propoz en kiltir pares. Annou promot sa kiltir ‘Leve debourye’, sel fason pour garanti kreasyon larises ki apre a ganny distribye!!!


“Some people always throw stones in your path. It depends on what you make with the stones; a Wall or a Bridge? – Remember you are the architect of your life!”


“We the people shall rise up to the occasion in spite of all the odds! We are not down and out … don’t dare make that mistake!”


Lepep i Note, Lepep i kontinyen Note, nepli martir bann demagozi politik!


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