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Dear editor,

I am writing this column in reply to an article in Le Seychellois Hebdo of 7th September 2018 entitled “PUC’S ARMY OF EXPATS” in which my name is also mentioned.

As Seychellois, we have the right to freedom of speech; to express our views and points in constructive ways that will enhance the growth and development of our society and dear country. Freedom of speech,  being  that it is free does not mean it should be abused or used to destroy and defile another person.
One of the ethics I know with regards to journalism is that reporters and writers should be truthful, fair, accurate and honest. They should investigate before reporting or publishing their stories or news.
It is a shame and a big one indeed that the writers of Le Seychellois Hebdo did not even bother to investigate and get their facts straight before writing about me in their publication of 7th September 2018.
This calls for reality checks on their credibility as reporters and writers, and I would advise that they stop giving us ( the Seychellois people) COCK AND BULL stories.
I want to correct their lies:

1). I am a Seychellois not an expat with PUC as said in the publication.
2). I am not on expatriate contract as said.
3). PUC does not pay my house rent as I live in one of the government housing estates with my wife and family.
4). PUC do not pay my kids school fees.
 I would like to remind the writers of Le Seychellois Hebdo that what they wrote about me was an act of DAFAMATION OF CHARACTER. I am seeking an APOLOGY and a withdrawal of statement said about me.
If I may say this, one of the writers, Gervais Henrie is an elected MNA. He was elected to serve the people, promote unity and harmony among the people; be a problem solver and not a divider. Unfortunately, I see the opposite as the case here.
If I may say a little bit about PUC; Mr. Morin has given  his best for the company to be what it is today (compared  to  when the French company was here). As a Seychellois, he should be encouraged, commended and supported.
This is one person I know who works effortlessly weekdays and weekends (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, bad weathers, unpleasant circumstances) to attend to work issues, breakdowns, power-cuts, and others to make sure we are enjoying stable electricity and water supply. What does he get in return? Destructive criticisms and insults, which I will say is not right.
Le Seychellois Hebdo should consider the short-comings of the complainers rather than side with them without proper investigation. This should not be the ethics of journalism.
In conclusion to all of these, Le Seychellois Hebdo writers and reporters, and to other news media reporters; please investigate, dig and get facts before giving news to us (the Seychellois people). This is a call to all reporters and writers “LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP “in your reporting and writing.

Andrew Iwoku.