Susbscribe to People

Since the switch to multiparty rule in 1992, the Electoral Roll had always contained the names of persons nearing the voting age of 18. 

In fact, their names were automatically registered upon reaching 17 and this was indicated by several little stars next to such names.
They however had to be 18 come Election Day. The electoral officers in the districts and agents of political parties were there to ensure this is so and that only persons qualified to vote can cast a ballot.
Since 2015, the opposition started finding faults with the system, going as far as to claim that the Voters Register contained thousands of fake names - or people who did not exist.
It was argued within the context of electoral reforms that nobody under 18 should be on the register, the onus being placed on young Seychellois to register themselves upon reaching the age of 18.
Now that a new Electoral Commission (EC) has been appointed, the opposition, through the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) does a u-turn, after perceiving that few who turn 18  show any interest in registering  until election time.
 This, incidentally is also an international problem, with voters trying to register late or not registering at all.  So this is prompting LDS leader Roger Mancienne to call for the registry to automatically add citizens who turn 18, which could solve the problem of people not coming to register.
It appears that this is not as easy as it sounds, since the electoral laws (under opposition pressure) now stipulate that nobody under the age of 18 should be on the register. It appears that though there is an electronic system in place, a young person is still required to go to the regional offices and fill in documents, thereby providing an input into the system.
This is yet another of LDS schemes, which are not practicable and it wants reversed.