Susbscribe to People

Forty years ago, it was the Seychelles Government which decided to build schools and through a free education system allows Seychellois students to learn to their full potential and to reach for the sky.

The majority of people who made it were the sons and daughters of the working class. This continued until to date, and with Seychelles having its own university.
Seychelles continues to yield professionals in many fields. Seychelles needs these people it keeps cultivating and they are also sophisticated because some of them have been to the best universities worldwide. They are able to help run the public and private sector.
President Faure has special penchant for them and he is doing his best to make sure that professionals employed in the public sector are encouraged to work. He is making sure they are well compensated and respected for their contribution.
Their age varies as Seychelles have been producing professionals for the past four decades. They need to understand that they are the sons and daughters of this system and should feel compelled to give back- especially in Government.
They have to pull their forces to ensure better delivery of the same system that provided them with opportunities. President Faure wants their respect just as well as he would like them to respect the system and see their work as a privilege, for they too are patriots of this country. They have to play their part for this country to move ahead. Politicians should treat professionals with respect- a message that we hope leaders like Wavel Ramkalawan adheres to.