Susbscribe to People

It was unsurprising that at the press conference there were political bullets aimed at the president.

But the man, a seasoned politician, handles himself well in such situations.
This time he made it clear that he is working at State House and for Seychelles. He has divorced from the leadership of Parti Lepep to do just that.
The opposition wants to hear him say that he is still Parti Lepep. But there are so many ways for the president to skin that cat. He does not interfere with the leadership of Parti Lepep does not mean that he is no longer a member of Parti Lepep. President Faure still has his political convictions.
He said that he knows that there are those who would want to see him leave the position right away. But he also said that the same people should know that they do not have a magic wand to solve all the problems that come with the office.
He said that the picture they see on the outside is totally different from where he is sitting. He has dossiers involving a 9 year old who was living in the streets and he is contemplating sending the boy abroad in order to save him, just as he has the dossiers of the employees of Air Seychelles among many others.
There is no frustration from the public when  it  comes to the  running of the country or government delivery. This is a perception that the opposition is now giving because they want absolute power. He will complete his mandate. “No one has the magic wand but the Creator, God the Almighty, he said.
He also said that in the opposition they have their own problems. “Even that is not healthy for Seychelles. This unique situation is an opportunity for all of us to work for the good of the country and people.”
This newspaper concludes by calling on the people of Seychelles to join Danny Faure and be part of something that is larger than oneself.
Do not be satisfied that you have reached your goals; aim for good grades, a good income, respect from others, a decent house, own your business, be safe, be a patriot, appreciate and respect your parents, love your children, protect your children, feed your children, and be the best of yourself. President Faure belongs to a system that meet people half way as they break their own shell.
That is because we believe that Seychellois is a family of people. We believe that there are greater in people than what they manifest. Join President Faure because together we are going somewhere, as a country and as a people.