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France Bonte and Dolor Ernesta, two veterans got re-elected at last weekend’s election for the Central Committee.

Mr. Bonte is a seasoned attorney, who was formerly a trade unionist and hails from Baie Ste Anne Praslin. Mr. Ernesta hails from La Digue and is a former minister.
France Gonsalves Bonte is 66 years old. As a boy, he wanted to be a mechanic or an electrician. He had a difficult childhood and had to leave school at the very young age of 14.
France Monte had to earn his living at 15, by digging and cleaning the property of a wealthy landowner of those days.
He however studied quite a bit on his own and managed to get a job as supply teacher on La Digue, then Baie Ste Anne and later, Anse aux Pins schools.
At 20, he went for training at the Teacher Training College at Mont Fleuri.  There, he sat for and obtained two O-Levels in English and French.
In 1973, France Monte started working for the trade union, affiliated to SPUP and ultimately became the first secretary of the National Workers Union.
While working with the union, he occasionally got the opportunity to attend courses in different subjects, whereby he made the most of what was offered.
In 1976, he was a member of the SPUP delegation to help draft the first Seychelles Constitution, at Malborough House, London. That was the year Seychelles achieved independence- on June 29.
In 1977, he assisted in the drafting of the Constitution of the Second Republic. In 1978, he became a Central Committee member of the Party, renamed Seychelles People’s Progressive Front (SPPF).
In 1982, Mr. Bonte travelled to UK to study law at Buckingham University.  Within two years, he obtained a diploma in law and went to Bradford University, where he got his Masters in Business and Administration.  
At City University, London, Mr. Bonte obtained a diploma in law and practice and finally obtained the certificate to be called to the bar at Lincoln University.  Today, he has his own legal practice which he started in 1990.  
In 1993, Mr. Bonte sat on the Constitutional Commission to draft the Constitution of the Third Republic in Victoria. The present Constitution was endorsed in a referendum on June 18, 1993.
Mr. Bonte has also been Chairman of the Constitutional Appointment Authority (CAA) between 1993 and 2007.
Mr. Dolor Ernesta, another active member of Parti Lepep, has been a Central Executive Committee member since 1995.
Mr. Ernesta is also presently  Counsellor with the  Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). He is also Managing Director of Reliance Insurance/ Real Estate/ Import retail and a member of Seychelles Football Federation.
Since several years, Mr. Ernesta has also been writing as weekly column in “The People”.
Mr. Ernesta was exposed to a difficult situation at a young age. When he was only 5, he had to endure the hardship of a broken family and had to do little jobs after school to earn some money.  At the time, he accompanied his father to all SPUP meetings held on La Digue.
Such relationship was what cultivated his interest in politics.
He however had kept the good values and attitude that his mother had taught him, which guided him through his schooling at La Digue, and later at Seychelles College. It was then- in 1976, that he came to live at Corgat Estate to pursue his studies at Seychelles College.  
Upon leaving Seychelles College, Mr. Ernesta worked at the hospital as a health inspector before he got a scholarship to study at university in Bulgaria.
Mr. Ernesta has always liked football and was once a member of a football team called “Spurs”.   
Upon his return home, Mr. Ernesta worked for a while at SIDEC (Seychelles Industrial Estate Company) and soon became Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Land Use and Habitat.
In 1993, he was a member of the SPPF team that along with the Democratic Party (DP) drew up the Constitution of the Third Republic.  
That was also the year, Mr. Ernesta was appointed Minister of Land Use and habitat.  He has also served a Minister for Community Development and Social Affairs and Employment.