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Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron’s “La Republique en Marche” is projected to win a huge majority in parliament after a strong showing  in Sunday’s first round of voting.

The new political party won 32% of the vote, while the established “Republicains” trailed with 15.8%.
The scale of Macron’s win was marred only by a poor turnout- only 48.7% of eligible voters went to the polls.
Macron’s party, founded just a year ago, is expected to win between 415 and 445 seats in the Lower House, when next Sunday’s second round of voting concludes. Such a margin of victory in the 577- seat house would give Macron the majority he so badly craves to further his political revolution.  The 39 year old’s “La Republique En Marche” Party is hoping to make huge gains and inflict a further blow on the country’s traditional ruling parties.
It would be a remarkable achievement for Macron, who won the French presidency last month, without the support of a traditional mainstream party.
Instead, his “En Marche” movement helped carry him to a convincing victory over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.
Le Pen’s right-wing National Front garnered 13.2 of the vote Sunday, but looked to win only a smattering of seats.
Maron fielded 266 women candidates, whilst 219 came from outside politics. He has drawn candidates from a cross-section of society, including a former bullfighter, a Nobel Prize winner and an ex-fighter pilot.
To win a seat in the first round of voting, candidates had to win more than half of the votes.  If no candidate manages to achieve that target, then all candidates who won at least 12.5% of registered voters, go to the second round, where the winner will advance to parliament.