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Dear Editor,

They want fairness. Let us make it fair. We should all declare our assets.

So, we all have come to realise that LDS has appointed a representative from their side to deal with the land issues. Florry Larue seems to be the one. But with all due respect, why is it that only the Parti Lepep officials are being labeled as having too many plots of lands when the people of Seychelles know that this could exist on both sides of the political divide.
Rather than let Florry dig up, borrow or make allegations of files on individuals who have too many plots of land and expose them in the National Assembly, why don’t government take a fairer stance on this issue.
Make the playing field fair so that Parti Lepep officials cannot be seen as victims of the LDS which clearly is using its majority in the National Assembly to persecute their opponents. I am suggesting to government that it makes it compulsory for every citizen of this country and every company (as some hide their interests under company names) to declare their assets so that government can have a proper count on who owns what. I am not making any excuse for anyone in particular- be it in Parti Lepep or LDS. But I am aware of politicians of LDS who own several plots of lands. Even in the private sector I know of people who own several plots under company names. To purchase government lands for residential purpose below market value should be known and investigated too. It does not mean that all of them got these plots of land through corruption. I am simply saying that it will give government ‘correct’ information of every individual in our country. This will also allow us to know who do not have a plot of their own.
Government will have to dig into the system and get the names of all those who own lands and ensure that in declaring their assets these people give the correct information.
I know some people will frown upon my letter but to put an end to this victimization of Parti Lepep officials, it is time government steps in and levels the playing field. Make us declare our assets. We are a small population this should not be a difficult thing to accomplish. When the information becomes public knowledge we will all be satisfied and not point a finger at each other and hope to get political mileage of this campaign of victimization.
An LDS politician was overheard telling his colleague that there is a list of names from Parti Lepep which they believe should be investigated. This is clearly not fair as Parti Lepep can also say that there are those in LDS who have more lands than they deserve.
I thank you for publishing my letter.
With regards,

S. Coopoosamy