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Despite being only a proportionately nominated member of the National Assembly, Flory Larue seems determined to prove a point, especially to her colleagues in LDS:  Her point is that she won’t be a push-over.

In the sitting of the National Assembly of Tuesday the 21st March, she raised a question regarding the purchase of 10 plots of land from the government of Seychelles by some private individuals.
According to her, the transaction had not been conducted the proper way. Consequently she met President Danny Faure over the issue and handed him the documents regarding the transaction.
Eventually, the proprietor of those 10 plots  of  land also met with the President and the final outcome was that by mutual consent those 10 plots of land were returned to the Republic of Seychelles.  
In the space of 6 months, she has done what Wavel Ramkalawan could not do during nearly 20 years as a Leader of the Opposition.
This is to have properties purchased by some individuals from the government in a way that she has deemed questionable, finally returned  to the people of Seychelles. Flory sees herself as the epitome of patriotism and impartiality. With her recent exploit, she will obviously fancy herself even more in those roles.
To prove that she is really who she believes she is, she needs to go a step further. In that particular circumstance, it will be a step closer rather, and do what she does best.  Get back what belongs to the people of Seychelles. Here are a few assignments that will not require so much effort as her last one. They will test her mantle.
If Florry, is so up to date with her information and is not selective in her work, she will certainly know that among individuals who sit right next to her as MNA colleagues, there are some who have in the past purchased properties from the government for far less than what they are really worth.  
Despite having properties already passed on to them as heir or were born in landowning  families, they were still only too happy to add some more to what they already possess,  simply because their political connections or positions made it possible for them. One in particular even bought a large plot which was later assessed to be very important for the protection of the country’s eco-system and should not have been sold to any individual in the first place.
Efforts were made by the government to repair the error, but the individual still did not want to let go of that plot of land, even if asked to do so in national interest. All happened at the expense of the people of Seychelles.
Today those same individuals who benefited are making a big fuss in the National Assembly about the long list of ordinary Seychellois waiting for HFC to give them a house after so many years.
But they themselves, as politicians, could have made a difference to the lives of such fellow countrymen and women by being more generous and less abusive.
Yes, it was another epoch in Seychelles’ politics, but what is wrong today was also wrong yesterday and benefits gained still stand. They could have been less greedy and refused the favours in the interest of other Seychellois.  But they did not.
Yet it is not too late and they can still do it voluntarily today, if they are serious and want to prove that they have turned over a new leaf. If they are still reluctant, then Flory Larue needs to come forth and perform the same task as the one she undertook a few weeks ago. She has to draw the attention of President Danny on those transactions.
Flory needs to prove herself very badly because the atmosphere around her in the LDS camp is not too pleasant. Nobody seems to like her and the general opinion is that she talks too much, but says very little in substance.
She herself doubts if she will ever be chosen again as an LDS candidate in future parliamentary elections.  Even more so, she is uncertain as to how long she will be kept as a proportionately nominated member in this present National Assembly. She loves the status of being an MNA and she just doesn’t want to lose it.
Her only chances of hanging on to it therefore  rest on her doing something exceptional that will outsmart all her opposition colleagues, including Wavel Ramkalawan. With that land issue, she has already succeeded in scoring a vital point over them all.
But it is to be seen whether it was simply a flash in the pan or if she can do it again.  Now she has some hints as to where to look for more of those lands. She only has to act now.  
Flory can be sure that some politicians in LDS will be following her moves nervously and for obvious reasons. In fact they already are.  But the majority of Seychellois will rejoice if she can crack her magic whip once more across all borders and not spare the opposition. Her credibility as an MNA working in the best interest of Seychelles and her own political future will rest on it.