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‘Hebdo’ sent a journalist to President Faure’s second live press conference and she failed to ask this question. We know that President Faure would have replied in truth and honesty.

Now Hebdo is in frantic mood trying to link President Faure’s address in the Assembly with the outcome of the PL Central Committee election- June, July. How pathetic are the opposition’s politicians?
President Faure is planning ahead all the time. He is part of a performing and far-sighted government that has also promised to be transparent and accountable.
How would the President show transparency if he doesn’t use the National Assembly to address the people of Seychelles? He has done it two days after he was inaugurated- on 16th October 2016, in February when delivering his State of the Nation Address and now he will be doing it in July. Just the same he has held his second live press conference and has challenged the media to question him on any issue.
The President and his government are working on how to deal with many social challenges- if the President feels that he is now ready to tell the people about these plans and the way forward (through the National Assembly), he will do it. It can be anytime between now and the future and he has chosen July, which probably the Speaker of the National Assembly has also seen fit based on the calendar of his Secretariat.  
Do it now, do it in June or July President Faure is doing what the electorates expect from him. They voted for government to deliver for them.