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LGB Charles de Commarmond has said that government should have its own building and avoid future problems.

Wavel  Ramkalawan  and LDS so vindictive against  PL and the  former  President claimed that the Tourism Ministry should  not be located within the Espace building and they refused to approve the ministry’s budget allocation until it moves out of Espace.
Government has several departments in private buildings in Victoria such as in Oliaji Building and Victoria House; therefore it was rightly said by Hon de Commarmond for Finance to seek the funds needed to erect a building to house all these departments.
It is to be noted that government never had an issue in renting offices in these private buildings before Ramkalawan decided that he has to be revengeful on former President Michel.
This spiteful priest will one day answer to his arrogance and cruelty against other people. President Michel on the other hand has been a hard working president, who has sacrificed his personal life for the people of this country, some day, he will get his rewards. He remains loyal to his party and country.

Wavel wants to dictate government over Eve Island, a shameless arrogant
The opposition has always been against government reclaiming lands to expand the business and housing sector and yet today they sit in the National Assembly, built on reclaimed land and dictate to government on Eve Island on Praslin.
Ramkalawan has  no  right  whatsoever  to  dictate  to  government  over  Eve  Island. He is forgetting his cheap  campaigns  with  SNP against  the  reclaim lands. Whether it is  about  Eve  Island  or  Marie Jeanne Estate, he has to understand that there is no discrimination when the PL Government executes its work.
Many families and businessmen no matter what their political conviction have benefitted with lands in both locations. It is the LDS that discriminate between a PL and an LDS official in their cheap show in the National Assembly.
LDS may hold the majority in the National Assembly but they are not in government although they use malice to make it their job to choose a government minister. It is not a threat but it is hoped that someday they don’t find themselves at the mercy of nature. There is this adage, that what goes around normally comes around.