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‘The People’ newspaper is ending the year 2018 on a good note. We’ve contributed our part alongside Parti Lepep and during the rebranding.

We’ve also promoted and defended the President of the Republic Mr. Danny Faure who is doing an excellent job at the helm. He is a member of SPUP/SPPF/Parti Lepep and now the new movement, United Seychelles. We’ve been there for all our leaders, past and present.
This newspaper vows to uphold its motto “Fearless in Dignity.”
Aged 54, the oldest newspaper in the country will continue to strive to educate politically, economically, and socially.
We shall resume on 14th January, 2019.
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019. United, we shall work hard, always putting our country and children first. A tick for Seychelles, is a tick for our family and for US.