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The boat that ended up on the reef near Cerf Island may not necessarily be a victim of an unfortunate incident. However we would like to tell Wavel Ramkalawan that his article in last week’s Hebdo is also phony.

The hypocritical priest came up with a plot  of  how terrorists can easily attack our facilities on the coasts and destroy our country. But can Seychellois trust LDS?
How safe are we with a group of desperate  politicians who cannot handle the pressure of failure and is ready to resort to any means  to  target the presidency, such as the motion asking for  President Faure to  resign  when they know they are a group of disappointments and fiascos who are wasting taxpayers’ money?
How safe is this country and the people with LDS controlling the National Assembly?
Some of them have become politicians without prior experience in politics. In 2016, we predicted their defeat, yet they won. After that, their speech and  mannerisms in the Assembly were left to be desired by the same people who  voted for them. They are arrogant  and  clueless  compared to their opponents who are respectable and their speeches  are  carefully crafted.
LDS has no respect for anyone. It offends the country’s friends such as China and UAE. Our relationship with these countries is put at risk and our country and people have a lot to lose.
With an LDS majority in the National Assembly, fear is surging. The people worry about the increase of drugs on the market affecting our youth after LDS had created obstacles by blocking the budgets  needed  to assist  the addicts and they repealed the NDEA Act that closed down a whole network; the rise in the cost of living when LDS blocks and freeze allocations of budgets; their interference in the private sector; because of LDS, some people are losing their jobs and their reputation tarnish for no valid reasons.
 Ramkalawan and LDS wanted to close down the army. He interfered and delayed the Assumption project that would give the Seychelles Coast Guards a facility to help safeguard our marine territory/borders and now the same Ramkalawan wants to write about a cock and bull story regarding the boat stuck on the reefs.
In his article Ramkalawan has sketched a plot of how terrorists can destroy our country. He probably had a grin on his face when summarizing this plot!
Is that what LDS is hoping happens to our country, that terrorists or Somali pirates target our main fuel and airport facilities?
Like we’ve said above, we are already feeling unsafe with their immaturity and LDS is unpredictable when challenged. Fear pervades the Seychellois lives and even the Seychelles’ politics. The LDS politicians elected in the National Assembly two years ago have already failed.
The people are accusing LDS of fear-mongering and if Ramkalawan does not grasp the danger of this politics, then he is not fit to lead our country.