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In the National Assembly, members of staff continue to quit. Some weeks ago, the Deputy Clerk, Ms Roukaya Jumaye left her post amid investigations over loss of some cash.

Now it is the turn of Paul Riaz, Manager for public relations and former LDS candidate for Pointe Larue who resigned after being given his marching orders.
If Parti Lepep was involved, the opposition would have accused it of victimization.  The young man previously had a good job and when he joined politics, he was promised heaven and earth. Now he finds himself on the street.
However, this is just one scenario of events at LDS.
There are two groups within the Assembly from the LDS and their major preoccupation is to select candidates for the next presidential election, while Wavel Ramkalawan who has been unsuccessfully running since 1998, has made clear, he shall not be replaced.
Another character who is very diplomatic and bidding his time and waiting for Parti Lepep to be in a vulnerable situation, at which point he will go for the kill.
The other will clearly be committing a big blunder is having Ahmed Afif as Ramkalawan’s deputy, now that this post is becoming official. This might prompt the candidate to return to his pick-up truck to collect food for his giant land tortoises.  Afif has time and again showed everyone that nobody should under-estimate his loyalty.
They can continue plotting, squabbling and plan other strategies. What is clear is that there shall be no presidential elections soon. And when it is time for elections, the majority of Seychellois shall vote for President Danny Faure.
He is the only leader who is working honestly and in all simplicity, in the interests of all Seychellois.
The time has come for politicians to stop talking about elections and allow Seychellois to get on with their normal lives.  Let Seychellois families sleep in peace.
LDS has so often be using the Seychellois to allow them to achieve positions where they can satisfy their greed for money.
The last National Assembly election has clearly shown how power hungry politicians are only interested to perpetuate their privileges.
They are not interested in the people of Seychelles, even less so, their own supporters.  They are in politics to gather wealth.
Those earning huge salaries, are importing huge motor vehicles of the latest brand. Others are going for free trips to the outer islands- the same islands, which they had claimed the Islands Development Company (IDC) of neglecting.
After their unfounded accusations, the truth is staring at them. They praise IDC and are eagerly awaiting their cases of birds’ eggs during the forthcoming nesting season.