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Seychelles has since its independence adopted a policy of friend to all and enemy to none, so the first series of articles to retrace the history SPUP from 1964 to 1976 is to benefit the youth who have to learn about the history of their country.

Public Meeting on 1st November 1964.

A public meeting sponsored by the Seychelles People’s United Party was held at Gordon Square, on Sunday, 1st November 1964. In spite of the rain a large crowd turned up.

Mr. France Albert René, who addressed the meeting, asked the people to give an indication to the British Government whether they agreed with what the unofficial members of the Legislative Council had stated to the effect that they were satisfied with the present relationship between Britain and Seychelles.
The whole crowd shouted “No”.

Summary of the speech by the President of the Seychelles People’s United Party

Ban on meeting

There can only be one reason for the last ban on meeting i.e. Government, as usual, does not with the people to know the truth.

The Proposed Base

The effect of a base in Seychelles will be disastrous. Employment will only be given for the building of this base and certainly not on a permanent basis.
This is the kind of economic planning which the Government can think of and the Seychelles Democratic Party support. The SPUP, on the other hand, thinks in terms of industrialization and agricultural development which will give permanent employment.

Legislative Council

The members have stated, without exception, that we want no change whatsoever. That means that we are COMPLETELY satisfied with our present status. But are the people really satisfied?
Are we satisfied with our systems of education, health and welfare? We are not, nor are we happy to remain under the domination of a handful of expatriate officers.


We must work for our self-government immediately. That is the only way we can be put  in  a position where everyone will realise that the people of Seychelles can  do something for themselves when given the chance.

A Vision Of The Future SPUP Policy Statement.

Our Youths

Some of the problems relating to the youths of our country have been dealt with under separate sections (such as education). The Party however, wishes to record its disapproval of the lack of attention and direction shown by the Colonial Government towards the youth of this country.
Some of our youngsters are even allowed to go begging about the streets. The Party will undertake to provide our young people with better opportunities for training and development.
Non-discriminating Youth Clubs will be encouraged and will provide a social and educational meeting point for all youths.

Our Old People

Old age is the kind of invalidity which supervenes inevitably if a person lives long enough.  Men  and women who have worked for their country and contributed to its development in one way or another deserve to be treated with reverence and gratitude and not be given a ‘hard’ push into their graves.
The plight of our old people is a shame on our conscience and the Party considers that it is the duty of every able person to plan comfort and happiness for the aged.
Old age should be a blessing if our old people could have the help necessary to keep themselves.  Most  old people  are  poor and they spend their last few years begging and end their days in sorrow and misery.
We must correct this at all costs, and the Party will work for the creation of a National Scheme whereby every old person will be given a decent income sufficient to give him decent accommodation, food and clothing.
It is hoped that in due course comfortable homes will be built for the old. Pending such new quarters as may be made available, the Fiennes Institute should be modernized and re-equipped. Immediate steps must be taken to ensure that the old are occupied and happy.
The wearing of uniforms must be abolished and instead our elders who are forced by circumstances to live in a Home must be given clothing allowances which will enable them to wear clothes of their own choice.
It is the aim of the Party that in due course the old will find a haven of rest in the homes of those they love and have lived for. This is a strong tradition with our people and it must be encouraged.

Medical benefit

Medical benefit can only be considered in relation to the medical care service available. This matter will therefore be dealt with under our Policy Statement on Health.

Sickness Benefit

Many people are prevented from earning an income owing to some disease or injury which cannot be cured without stopping work. In such cases, some means must be found to ensure that the sick persons and his family are not left destitute. The Party will therefore work out a system under which sickness benefits will be paid to the ones who need them.
In considering what scheme should be implemented the Party will strive to create a sense of equality in conformity with it general principles.

Survivor’s Benefits

Provisions  must  be  made for the payment of certain allowances to widows presumed  to be incapable of self-support and to children under  school-leaving age. It is to be stressed that  incapacity for self-support includes  not  only invalidity and old age but also responsibility for the care of a child.