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Mauritian ex-Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, who is seeking that MR 220 million seized at his residence during a police search in March 2015 be returned, is now claiming claiming that six mobile phones also taken away contained private, personal and official information.



He maintains that police acted unlawfully when they opened his messages.
Ramgoolam was giving evidence in the Roche Noire case, when his house in his northern seaside bungalow was burgled.
It appears that his ex-mistress, Nandanee Sournack ,who is presently in exile in Italy was also present, hence the secrecy around the affair at the time.
Ramgoolam also said that his Labour Party was already in a campaign mood. According to him, the government is in “ state of Panic” and is capable of stirring up racial riots, to declare a state of emergency and postpone elections, due next year.