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Some 110 kg of heroin was seized last week in an outboard pleasure boat, by the Mauritius Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) in collaboration with the National Coast Guard (NCG).

The spectacular operation took place near Coin de Mire island, off the island’s northern coast.
Three men were subsequently arrested. One of them is a 51 fishmonger, who was already under investigation for drug trafficking.  The two others are a skipper and a fisherman known to police.
The drug consignment is believed to be from Madagascar.
It appears that this is the second biggest drug haul seized aboard a pleasure craft. The last one was in 2016, when ADSU confiscated 44 Kg of heroine, acting on a tip-off from police in Reunion.
Though all boats coming from overseas must obligatorily berth at Port Louis for immigration and customs formalities, that is not usually the case.
The Tourism Authority, notes that Category B of pleasure boats can venture out 12 nautical miles, while the range of Category C is 24 miles.
It is envisaged that all pleasure boats will in future be equipped with an Automatic Identification System  (ºAIS)to allow for better monitoring.