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The former Mauritius Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam wants to know where is the MR 220 million seized by police at his residence during a search, followed by  his arrest early 2015.

He also wants to know about the six mobile phones seized on the same occasion.
Ramgoolam, is seeking a total MR 225 million in damages from the state, the Police Commissioner Mario Nobin and the Deputy Commissioner Heman Jangi.
The former Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party is seeking MR 25 million  for each of the provisional charges  laid against him  , then thrown out by the Tribunal.
In his plaint, Ramgoolam relates the difficulties he has been confronted with, since his initial arrest  February 6, 2015 by the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID).
That was when the MR 220 million, most of it in crisp US dollar notes, was seized at his residence at River Walk, Vacoas and at his offices in Port Louis.  He adds that he has been arrested several times since. That was after he lost the general elections held in December 2014.
He has also been unable to travel abroad since.
The State Attorney argues that the search warrants were obtained and signed by magistrates on the basis of sworn evidence.   It is also stated that the searches  were carried out in the presence  of a senior counsel of Ramgoolam, who did not object to the exercise.