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Mauritius has reached an agreement with China to export 50,000 tons of special sugar to China for several years.

This follows Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth’s participation in last week’s Forum for China-Africa Cooperation.
This means that Mauritius sugar will penetrate a new and well-protected market. Annual consumption of sugar is g rowing by 3 million tons annually.  
According to Jacqueline Sauzier, Secretary General of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture, negociations have lasted several months. Sugar exports to China will start with 15,000 tons annually to reach 50,000 tons.
A representative of the Small Planters Association has commented that while it is good to have new markets, sugar cane growers do not receive much, as it is the factory- owners who reap the benefits.
He said along with the new markets a quota is necessary to ensure that planters do not abandon their plantations.