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The Mauritian authorities are negotiating with the Tanzanian Government to obtain 25,000 hectares (73,123 acres) or a third the area of Mauritius itself in the coastal district of Rufiji, south of Dar Es Salaam.

On the land in Tanzania, 10,000 hectares will be planted with sugar, while the rest will be cultivated for other crops, such as maize.
In Tanzania, which is not self-sufficient in sugar, new producers are welcome.  Annual Tanzanian sugar production is 300,000 tons while demand is double that figure.
If in Mauritius, sugar is being sold at MR 10,000 per ton, in East Africa, this is MR 30,000 a ton. Labour is cheaper in Tanzania.
The advantage e of Rufiji is its proximity to Dar Es Salaam. Transporting the sugar to the port is not difficult,
Mauritius has in the past wanted to invest in agriculture in Mozambique.  If a concession of 20,000 hectares was obtained in Marracuene, in 1999, the land remains presently idle.