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The canonization of Pere Jean Desire Laval was being mooted once again  ahead of the annual pilgrimage to his tomb at Ste Croix, a Port Louis suburb.

Rev Andre Sunassee said that one miracle is needed to ensure that Pere Laval is elevated to the sainthood.
He said the Vatican is calling for documents which can prove that Pere Laval has fulfilled some miracles, adding that some 500 statements have been collected.
“We are gathering accounts of people who claim they have been cured: cured in body, the spirit and the soul.”
Last Saturday, thousands of Mauricians from the four corners of the island, converged on the tomb of Pere Laval. Bearing flowers and candles, they prayed at his sepulcre of the French priest who died on September 9, in Mauritius.
They gathered at St Croix to pay homage to the “priest who brought the Gospel to the poor and got the rich closer to God”.
One of them, Marie Nicole , claimed that she could not have children , but after praying to Pere Laval, God heard her prayers and she is presently the mother of four children.